Volunteering at the Geelong Botanic Gardens is co-ordinated by the Friends of the Geelong Botanic Gardens.  All volunteers at the Geelong Botanic Gardens are members of the Friends.
Our volunteers are involved in a number of key areas which support the Gardens and also assist with the business of the Friends. These include:
  • the Growers who maintain the Friends'  Nursery which is open each Wednesday morning.  The Nursery also holds a weekend Plant Sale each Autumn, Winter and Spring,

  • our Volunteer Guides who conduct many activities and invite visitors to join them to discover more about the Garden.  Read more about these activities at Walks, Talks and the Gardens,

  • the Volunteer  Gardeners who regularly work in the Gardens at the Perennial Border and the Heritage Rose Garden and

  • our volunteers who maintain the GBG and FGBG Libraries.
Volunteers are also involved with the Friends in other areas:
  • providing support to the Friends' office,

  • assisting at many of our events which are regularly listed at What's On, including our very successful local garden tour Through the Garden Gates, which began in 2012 and is usually held in November.
  • or taking a position on our Committee, Sub-committees and working groups. which ensure our organisation continues to operate smoothly.
If you are interested in volunteering with the Friends at the Geelong Botanic Gardens, or helping the Friends with any of their activities, please contact the Friends' Office for further details.  Our FGBG Members' Handbook will also give you a lot more information about volunteering withThe Friends
February 2021

The United Nations International Volunteer Day is in December each year. It is an opportunity to say thank you to all our wonderful volunteers, who contribute their time and energy to the Friends and the Gardens so willingly.

National Volunteer Week is held in Australia each year in May. The Friends celebrate the contributions and dedication of the many members who volunteer, with an annual Volunteers Luncheon and guest speaker afternoon in May.