The Friends' Nursery

Nursery News:

The Friends' Plant Nursery is open to the public each Wednesday 9.30 am - 12.30 pm 

  • All plants are bargain priced
  • Please bring bags for purchased plants

The Friends' Plant Nursery is located at the rear of the Botanic Gardens, near the GBG office and depot, with entry from Eastern Park Circuit.

The Nursery plants are sourced from the Geelong Botanic Gardens, which holds significant plant collections, particularly of Salvia and Pelargonium.  The Gardens also have a number of trees listed on the National Trust Register of Significant Trees, including the magnificent Ginkgo biloba.  These are some of the plants which our volunteers, the Growers, are able to use for Nursery stock.  The Nursery has a large range of other plants from the Gardens, including perennials, (sourced from the outstanding Perennial Border in the Gardens), Australian and exotic plants, drought-tolerant species, shrubs etc.

Pelargonium: we have an assortment of Regal and Zonal Pelargoniums for sale You can find a list here.  

We look forward to welcoming you to our Nursery.

Weekly Plant Sales 

The Nursery is open on Wednesdays from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. 

Seasonal Weekend Plant Sales 

Keep a watch out on Facebook and Instagram for other times when the Nursery will be open for sales.



February 2023


The Plant Nursery has plenty of stock of some new and interesting plants and also plenty of old favourites from the Geelong Botanic Gardens - read more details