Jubaea is the quarterly newsletter of the Friends of the Geelong Botanic Gardens (FGBG).

Each edition of Jubaea highlights the seasonal theme for the Friends' activities and contains information relating to current activities in and around the Geelong Botanic Gardens, featured articles and our FGBG programs. The newsletter is circulated to members, other Friends of Botanic Gardens Groups, Botanic Gardens and related organisations. 

The current edition of Jubaea has been mailed to members of the Friends of Geelong Botanic Gardens. A selection of previous editions are available in pdf format.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read these documents.  

Jubaea Summer 2024:

  • Botanic collections and record management
  • Inspired by Nature Botanic Art Exhibition
  • Events review and more..


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For earlier editions and paper copies of Jubaea, visit the Friends Library.

Corrections to Jubaea, Spring 2020:
The Editorial Team apologises for several errors in the articles below.

1   A LONG ASSOCIATION – THE ALISTAIR WATT COLLECTION: page4, para 2 should read: Our first association with Alistair was in July 1988 when he spoke to an enthusiastic group of Friends  about  plant  collecting  in  Gondwana. 

2   ANNETTE ZEALLEY: DIRECTOR/COORDINATOR OF GEELONG  BOTANIC GARDENS, 2007 ‐ 2020: page13, col 2, para 3 should read:
In 2006, Geelong Botanic Gardens  and  the  surrounding  parkland  had been listed  on  the  Victorian  Heritage Register as being of State significance.

3   DANIEL BUNCE AND AUSTRALIA’S FIRST PEOPLE: page 15, col 2, para 4 should read:
In  1857  Daniel  Bunce  was  appointed  the  first  curator  of  the  Geelong Botanic Gardens,  the windswept  reserve of nearly  200  acres overlooking Corio Bay.