Since November 1985, when the Friends was formed to support the Geelong Botanic Gardens and Eastern Park, an enormous amount has been achieved by this 'non-profit' organisation, through the involvement of their members as volunteers. A summary of the achievements is listed below and a detailed list is available. see Achievements List or contact the Friends' office for a copy.

$260,801   Financial Contributions by the Friends of Geelong Botanic Gardens

This includes contributions for the development of the 1994 Master Plan, development of the 21st Century Garden and restoration of the Eastern Park Rotunda.

$27,338   Financial Contributions by the Friends of Geelong Botanic Gardens Gift Fund      read more Gift Fund

Established by the Friends in 1997, the Gift Fund has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Taxation Office. This total includes $10,000 for the Education Program at Geelong Botanic gardens

$35,000   Education Program at Geelong Botanic Gardens    read more Education

In 1999, the first Education Program was offered at the Geelong Botanic Gardens by our Volunteer Guides. From 2002 - 2012, the Friends employed an Education Officer. At the beginning of 2013, the Friends handed management of the Education Program to the City of Greater Geelong and continue to support the delivery of the program with an annual contribution of $10,000 (supported by funds of the Friends and the Gift Fund)

$31,000   Financial Contributions by member donations, sponsorship or public subscription

This includes contributions for the installation of the Bunce Bollards and the purchase of a computerised plant labelling machine.

$229,112  Funds obtained for the benefit of Geelong Botanic Gardens and Eastern Park

Funds have been sourced by the Friends from many organisations including Parks Vic, Federation Community Project, Heritage Victoria and the City of Greater Geelong. The Friends continue to seek funds to support the precinct.  Some areas which have benefitted from these grants have been the Cabmens’ Shelter, the Hitchcock and Traill Fountains and the GBG Reference Library.  Applications have been written or supported by the Friends.

$41,575   Financial Contributions by the Friends for the GBG Meeting Room

The development of the GBG Reference Library and fit-out of the Meeting Room is a significant benefit for the community. 

$21,682   Financial Contributions by the Friends for Interpretation and Promotion

The Friends continue to promote the precinct with Geelong and Bellarine Tourism, What’s On magazine the website and social media

The Volunteer Guides

These Friends have promoted the Gardens to the public since 1986. read more Guides and Walks, Talks and the Gardens


Promotion and Professional Development

The Friends continue to Promote the Geelong Botanic Gardens and Eastern Park and regularly support opportunities for staff and volunteers to participate in Professional Development.

Volunteers in the Gardens

The Friends have many active volunteer roles in the Geelong Botanic Gardens including the Perennial Border, the Heritage Rose Garden,the Silver Border and the GBG Reference Library.  read more Volunteers

Tea House

The Friends’ Tea House opened in 1992 and the Friends managed the Tea House until January 2012, with volunteers providing more than 60,000 volunteer hours. The Tea House is now managed by the City and leased out.  read more Tea House Archive

 Friends’ Nursery

The Friends established the Nursery in 1993.  Members volunteer each week to raise plants, largely sourced from the Gardens, for sale to the public.  Nursery sales are a core part of the Friends’ business. Over 5,000 volunteer hours are involved every year to operate this Nursery. read more Friends’ Nursery

Music in the Gardens

Beginning on a small scale in 2000, this very popular Summer Music event brought thousands of people into the Gardens. The last ‘Music in the Gardens’ was held in 2014, involving more than 1,000 volunteer hours and 150 Gardens Staff hours. read more Music in the Gardens Archive

Geelong School of Botanical Art

This School was established in 2003 and the Friends took over the management in 2007.  Classes are conducted during school term, workshops are usually conducted in school holidays and a Biennial Exhibition is held. read more Botanical Art

Events, Tours and other activities

The Friends provide an annual program for members and the public – bus tours, speaker evenings, open gardens and many more activities to interest the wide membership. read more Events The quarterly newsletter Jubaea is published by the Friends. read more Jubaea

Financial Support for Gardens Staff and Support for Submissions to the City for Budget Considerations and Capital Bids

The Friends have also been generous in their support of the GBG staff with extensive contributions since 1997 to enable staff members to attend professional development and conferences, including international venues.  The Friends also seek every opportunity to support applications to the City for Projects and Programs at the Gardens.

Conferences and Exhibitions

The Friends have hosted two National Conferences for the Association of Friends of Botanic Gardens and also hosted the National Conference of the Australian Association of Friends of Botanic Gardens in April 2016.  The Friends have managed four significant touring exhibitions.

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