Pop-up Gallery

Everything Botanical @ The Geelong Botanic Gardens

Botanical artists persevere to acquire the considerable skills needed to create images in exquisitely fine detail. At Geelong, we showcase these works biennially at our Botanical Art Exhibition, Inspired by Nature, our most recent one at the Wintergarden Gallery in October 2013, "Inspired by Nature 3".   In recent years, some of our botanical artists have branched out to use their artwork in the wider context of applied arts. They enjoy using their imagery for cards, bookmarks and prints, therefore making their imagery available to a wider audience.

Towards the end 2013, Dolores Sk-Malloni, an FGBG Botanical Art School tutor noticed that the old Tea House in the Geelong Botanic Garden was looking a little sad and dejected, and had the idea to create a  Pop-Up Gallery to showcase our artwork and applied arts during the summer months. Everyone was excited by the idea and we opened in late December.

Dolores, as Gallery Director, used her considerable skills to transform the Tea House into a new existence, if only temporarily. It again became the natural focal point that it should be in the Gardens. On show were the wonderful talents of our students and tutors, and the breadth and quality of what they produce. Also available for sale were the products that the Friends have produced from time to time.  The Gallery was open over the summer, and closed after the March long weekend.  Hopefully, we will be able to again offer this opportunity to visit and see the range of work created by students of the FGBG Botanical Art School.